1. Mission

In accordance with both domestic values and international standards, Groupe ISM aims to provide high quality education to Africa’s future managers and business leaders, for Africa.

2. Vision

Groupe ISM envisions providing 20,000 business leaders for Africa in 2020. We are determined to ensure that our school continues to thrive as a provider of diverse, inclusive and high quality education programs.

There are four axis within Groupe ISM’s vision :

  • A deep involvement on a larger scale for Africa wide accessibility of higher education
  • Strong ties with international Partners (academic, business and institutional), especially with emerging economies.
  • The production of scientific works published by teachers and researchers in accordance with our academic goal.
  • Strengthening our role and commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility and supporting social entrepreneurship initiatives.

As part of the Vision, “Today ISM, Tomorrow the World” is the school’s motto