Since it has been created in 2010 by Mr GAYE and at the request of some students from

different levels and departments, the IEC has always got down to its mission: promote a constant

practice of the English language through pedagogical and funny activities.

Made of English lovers and those who want to learn it, the IEC wants to be support tool for the

student’s English classes, a double support allowing him to improve » his level in English and

maximize e his/her speaking and writing performances.

This academic year (2016-2017) the board want to perform in two major ways based on complete

sub-programs. They are the pedagogical dimension and the cultural playful one

For the first one, that is by the way the most important one, many activities are organized.

 The MOVIES WATCHING and SPEECH LISTENING consisting in showing or

playing some visual or audio documents that deal with actuality or figureheads that shown

in a particular field (political, social, cultural, etc.).

 The DEBATES followed by the exploitation of basic texts.

 01 LECTURE by a third party on a theme of our choice.

Concerning the cultural and playful dimension the Club organizes:

 Some SINGING SESSIONS and DRAMAS: Besides the sensitization promoted by

these activities, the final aim is to help the members (mainly through the dramas) to get an

oral ease by getting rid of their mental;

The GAMES (hot chair, word-building, scrabble, etc…) that are dedicaced to the lessons

revision, actualization of the acquired, the discovery of new knowledge and the practice of the

language. This part is about joining the business and the pleasure.




Welcome English Lovers ! In order to better familiarize with an english environment and/or improve your english level, go check out our activities !

1. Vendredi, 22 Décembre 2016 : Christmas Selling Day (en partenariat avec le Club de


2. Mardi, 14 Février 2017 : Valentines’ Day

3. Samedi, 15 Avril 2017 : Recreational Afternoon

4. Samedi, 27 Mai 2017 : English Day


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